Open Market Option

Shop around to get the best deal for your retirement

What is the Open Market?

You are more likely to receive a greater retirement income by shopping around!
Carol loves to shop, but as a smart shopper she wants to know her options and get the best out of her retirement fund.

With so many different types of pension and annuity companies, how does she know which one has the best deal?

Carol wants to get the best pension option that suits her lifestyle at the best rate so she can get more out of retirement.

Carol spoke to our pension and annuity experts who found the best deal and secured a greater retirement income.
This makes Carol happy!

Facts about Open Market Annuity:

bullet-point-blue2 Annuity incomes are affected by lifestyles.

bullet-point-blue2 There are numerous schemes featuring guaranteed annuity rates as part of the contract.

bullet-point-blue2 Shopping around could in some instances yield over 20% more income.

bullet-point-blue2 You and your dependent (should you add one) will have income paid for life, look around for the best rates.

bullet-point-blue2 Your health, lifestyle as well as where you live are taken into account.

bullet-point-blue2 Select from a range of income options and death benefits.

Want to make your fund do more?

You are not obliged to purchase an annuity from your current pension provider, we can do all the leg work to find you a better deal on your investment.