Flexible Drawdown

Find out about Flexible Drawdown and see if you qualify

At a glance – What is flexible drawdown?

  Flexible drawdown is a type of income drawdown contract

  Must provide evidence that you are receiving a minimum of £12,000 per annum secured

  No limits to the amount of income you can draw

  April 2015 legislation – £12,000 income restriction has been removed.

  Funds withdrawn after £12,000 treated as earned income and subject to tax

  Access to full fund if required – beware of income tax

No limits with a Flexible Drawdown

No limits with a Flexible Drawdown

Do I qualify?

From April 2015 the £12,000 income restriction will be removed entirely, which means that practically all people retiring in the UK will qualify for Flexible Drawdown.

£12,000 annual secured income – What qualifies and what doesn’t?


Income from state pension
Income from scheme pension
Income from annuity


Income from invested annuities where your secured income may fall
Income from properties or investments
Income from certain specialist types of pension schemes
Important information: For individuals who fall short of the £12,000 figure, it is possible to purchase an annuity to release a short fall income amount. When the £12,000 value has been attained, you can qualify for a flexible drawdown shceme.

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