Budget Changes

Information about changes in the budget, news and updates

The Budget & Annuities

How has the latest budget affected annuity rates and annuity insurance providers.

The Budget & Pensions

The most recent changes brought about by the budget and change in UK pension laws.

The Budget & Retirement

Each year the government releases a budget for the nation – what about retirees?

News and Updates

Selling Your Annuity
From April 2017, there is going to be an oppottunity for pensioners to sell their annuity for a sum of cash

Annual Savings Limits
The amount that can be paid into an ISA annually has been increased to £15,240 as of April 2015

Lifetime Allowance
George Osbourne has announced a cut to the maximum amount that can be saved into a pension from £1.25m to £1m
The announcement comes as a blow to 4pc of the population

There is consultation in the government on allowing persons already in an annuity outside an occupational scheme, the opportunity to sell it on to a third party for cash.



The current draft legislation on changes to the taxation of annuities paid to benificiaries as announced by the chancellor in the 2014 Autumn Statement.
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