Meet Patrick and Carol

They have worked really hard all their lives and want to retire.

They needed advice on getting the best return for their pension funds so that they could enjoy their retirement.

With our help they achieved their pension lifestyle.

Patrick and Carol can now retire happy.

Your Happy Retirement

Pensions, Annuities and Investment Fund Management

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Income Drawdown

An easy guide to help you understand Income Drawdown.

Flexible Drawdown

Find out if you qualify for income without limits.

Fixed Term Annuity

Retire whilst keeping further options available.

Annuity Calculator

Get an idea of how much annuity your pension will buy.

Open Market Option

Find the best deal using the Open Market.

Advice Centre

Simple answers for any questions you might have.

Pension Retirement Plan

If you’re looking to retire soon, you should know the significance of being informed of all your options.

There are many choices available that suit your lifestyle so you can retire happy.

Enhanced Annuity

Health problems, either historic or current may procure 40%+ annuity.

Invested Annuity

Consise overview describing Invested Annuities.

Annuity Rates

Get the latest information concerning Annuity Rates.