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Your Happy Retirement is a pension and annuity marketing website operated independently from Independent Financial Advisors


"Annuities are still seen by many as the 'go to' option. Thousands of people are loosing £Thousands by not opting for an enhanced annuity."

Annuity Rates Calculator

Get an idea of how much Annuity your pension will buy

Annuity Rates Calculator

Fill out the short form below to determine a quick approximation your expected annuity income based on a single person


Enter your pension fund amount and then fill out the following options to get a simple idea of the annuity sum you can receive. You are permitted to take 25% of this sum as a tax free lump sum, so if you choose to do so just deduct 25% off your overall amount.


This calculator is designed to provide you with a conservative snapshot of annuity potential relating to your saved funds, age, when you want to retire and the area that you live in. The essential truth remains that talking to us will enable our advisors to determine options suitable for your needs

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Retirement options should never be decided on a whim, they deserve careful consideration. We believe that all our customers should receive the same service and options that we ourselves want in our retirement. If you're unsure about what is right for you, or you simply want further information to help you make the right decision please talk to us.

How much income can I get from my pension?